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Career Labs: Workplace Accommodations - Understanding Your Rights as a Neurodiverse Job Seeker

This episode of iElevate Career Labs dives deep into the topic of workplace accommodations and employee rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our expert guest and career coach, Tyler Owens, sheds light on key aspects of the ADA and highlights the importance of reasonable accommodations. These accommodations, which involve changes to a job's tasks, routine, or environment, enable employees to perform their duties effectively. Tyler emphasized that accommodations are typically low-cost and beneficial for both employees and employers, dispelling common misconceptions about their implementation. The conversation also touches on the process of requesting accommodations, encouraging neurodiverse employees to self-advocate and approach these discussions with confidence.

For those looking to learn more, we've also provided links to resources and a downloadable tip sheet on how young adults can build their knowledge of workplace accommodations before launching their careers. 

Check it out below!

Free Tip Sheet: 3 Steps for Building Your Knowledge on Workplace Accommodations

Additional Resources

This resource is especially helpful during the initial career planning stages for a young adult, job searching, and career transitioning once in the workforce

Resources on Key Disability Rights Laws


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