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Career Coaching FAQs

We understand that you may have questions about our coaching services and how they can help you achieve your goals. 

This page is designed to provide you with information and answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our coaching program.

What is a career & Life coach?

A coach relationship is not therapy. A coach provides guide rails, structure, accountability, and mentorship. This is a relationship that challenges you with concrete exercises and takeaways to help you on your journey with personal and professional growth.

Why should I consider hiring a Career coach?

Any big change in life creates stress. On any path, mentorship can help prevent you from stumbling to your goals. Coaching gets you where you want to go faster. And provides you with the tools you need to self-advocate.

Are career coaching services worth the investment?

A small investment in coaching now, can come back tenfold within the same calendar year. Think about this: if you paid $1k this month, and then you land a job that’s $80k in the next 12 weeks, you have income for years to come plus interest.

How are you different from other coaching programs for neurodiverse young adults?

We are a peer-led company. We are young adults in our late twenties and early thirties acting as peer coaches for other young adults. 


Additionally, we are all neurodivergent thinkers and/or Occupational Therapists (OTs) trained in working with people who have learning or physical differences across the lifespan. 

OTs think holistically and work to modify tasks and environments to meet person-centered needs. This means, we are not focused on a diagnosis but on you as a person.

What is your coaching structure?

The iElevate Your Career Program includes 1:1 mindset coaching, live and pre-recorded training, a digital self-paced curriculum and weekly career support groups. We are building a digital community for neurodiverse and neurotypical young adults. We train in the most effective methods to land a job and build a career you love.

What kind of results can I expect when I work with you?
  • You will land a job that reflects who you are.

  • You will land a career that pays for your own life and allows you to pursue your dreams.

  • You will be able to engage in age-appropriate milestones such as:

    • Developing a relationship.

    • Transitioning toward an independent life.

    • Saving money for the future.

How can you help me achieve these results?

I can help you:

  • Identify your personal values, strengths, and abilities.

  • Understand the perspective of an employer.

  • Build a growth mindset.

  • Articulate & communicate your value.

  • Align a career path that matches your values.

During our work together, you will be provided with:


  • The tools for magnetic & high-energy conversations.

  • Job leads that match your chosen pathway.

  • Resume, cover letter, LinkedIn networking and professional support.

  • Finalizing interview strategies & job application process, and being connected to our employer network.

  • Resources and templates for professional email & network protocol, including follow-up, introductions, outreach, and thank you memos.

Our team at iElevate is proud to have helped all of our clients successfully navigate key transitions in their work or relationships.

I'm interested! Where do I start?

Please fill out our application here to book a complimentary 1-hour discover call. 

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