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Our Story

Hi! My name is Danielle.

I graduated from Tufts University with a Master’s in Occupational Therapy and an interest in Autism/ADHD. After working in outpatient pediatrics, I noticed a gap in services for teens and young adults. When the pandemic hit, I started reading books on life coaching. I realized there were a lot of other people out there my age struggling with unknowns, their futures, and potential unemployment. Simultaneously, I saw additional reduced motivation and passion in young adults who were on the Spectrum. Some things that come along with ASD and ADHD, like executive functioning delays or communication challenges, pose a threat to finding a stable and exciting career you love. I acted quickly, forming iElevate to inspire, uplift, and transform young adults like me who could use my services, knowledge, and passion to positively impact the world. Inspired all the time by my clients, I continuously learn new things about myself. I am a self-learner, and seek constant self-improvement. My hobbies include traveling, hiking, rock climbing and yoga. Currently, I am living in Charleston, South Carolina and travel to see my partner in the Coast Guard who is stationed on the West Coast. 


About i Elevate

Our mission is to provide the people and personal skills for neurodiverse or neurotypical young adults to land a job, build the career of their dreams, and have a successful life. 

Our vision is to ensure you have “a coach in your pocket” –  access to personalized mentoring support for career success anywhere on the go.

We all know communication is important in all areas of life, especially in school and work. It can be difficult for neurodiverse people in the workplace to socialize, network, understand social boundaries and nuances, and clearly communicate their value to a team. As a result, it can be difficult to secure employment, navigate communication in the workplace, and succeed in traditional classroom settings. 

This is why we created iElevate Coaching, a socially-minded virtual coaching company designed to empower young adults to deliver their value despite background or ability.

Our coaching practice helps neurodiverse young adults and employees develop professional skills: improved time management, executive functioning skills, social and communication skills needed to land jobs and build a successful career. 

Our clients become self-reliant, fulfill their goals and passions, or learn to set goals, discover passions, and take initiative. 

We also provide consultation for parents and caregivers who are still supporting a loved one in their transition to young adulthood and into the workforce. We can customize a coaching package for your unique needs by working with you and your family.

iElevate presents a solution for young adults who are full of self-doubt and lack confidence, or are afraid of presenting themselves. 

Our program sets you up for success, and in turn, helps you become a magnet for what you want in your career and in life.

We look forward to supporting your transition into adulthood.

Our Coaching Philosophy

We believe in authenticity, integrity and positivity. At iElevate, we want you to pursue a successful life that is authentic and meaningful to YOU

We use a positive psychology framework and follow the co-active coaching approach. We work with the whole person, not a diagnosis.

We offer a values-based, person-centered approach to tackling issues with landing a job and retaining or moving up in a career you love. 

From personal to professional growth, career coaching helps you to overcome self-esteem challenges and personal struggles to present yourself, communicate, land a job, and build a career you love.

Starting with your personality, values, life history, cognitive abilities, passions and interests, we then take a dive deep into networking building and relationship development. We work on personal branding to help you present yourself, land a job, or switch career paths to your calling.

We want to help you find a career that is right for YOU.

OUR Partners

iElevate Technology & Consulting's unique partnerships allow our career coaching and outdoor programs to be premier, accessible, and stand out in the neurodiversity community.

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