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3 Tips For The Recently Employed

Pat yourself on the back! You did it! You finally got the new job that you have been wishing and diligently preparing for! Now that you have been offered the position, the work is just beginning.

During a job search, many will say that their goal is to become employed. Here at iElevate, in terms of employment, while becoming employed is a goal, our top priority is for clients to maintain employment. Maintaining employment leads to professional and social growth within the company, life stability, potential salary increases, and an impressive resume.

Here are 3 tips for newly hired employees:

1. Introduce Yourself: Introduce yourself to coworkers and others (custodial staff etc.) at the office.

You can start by saying, “Hi! My name is _(name)_ and I was recently hired as _(job_postion)_ . I wanted to introduce myself and to let you know that I am excited to get to know you and begin working with the team.”

2. Speak with your Supervisor: Be open and upfront with your supervisor on what you need to be successful. Many people thrive on direct instructions and feel lost when they are not given clear guidance on what needs to be done. In addition, make it clear that you are open to constructive feedback.

Here is an example of what can be said, “Hi _(supervisor’s_name)_ ! I am excited to be part of the team but want to make sure that I am always exceeding expectations. I do best with clear communication, guidelines, and due dates. Would it be possible for me to get a weekly list or a master list of expectations you have for me? I also want you to know that I like constructive feedback so that I can correct my mistakes.”

This will show the employer that you are proactive and want to do well. This will also open up a line of communication so that future problems can be addressed efficiently.

3. Show Up Early and Prepared: Make it a habit to show up a few minutes early every day and to be dressed for success. This means that if your shift starts at 9 am, you should be walking in at 8:50 am. When you are walking in, you should be dressed in a clean, not wrinkled uniform with good body hygiene (deodorant, brushed hair, and teeth, etc.) Of course, you should be sporting a smile. Even if you have had a horrible morning, do your best to smile and treat others with kindness. A smile goes a long way because it shows your supervisor and co-workers that you are excited and happy to have your job.

The entire job searching process is daunting and overwhelming for everyone but Danielle Feerst OTR/L is here to help! Please reach out to Danielle Feerst OTR/L by clicking here to book a FREE 30 minute consultation. She has years of experience working with young adults who are working towards independent living and employment. Danielle will work with you to understand your situation and goals to help create a game plan for success. Along with her Peer Mentors, Danielle and the rest of iElevate have several other ideas, experiences, and expertise on working with young adults with social emotional learning differences to promote living a fully engaged life. In addition, you can connect with us on our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. If you have any ideas for future blog posts, feel free to message us on any of our social media accounts or email us at .

If you found this information to be helpful but have not quite secured your dream job, click here to read part 1 of interviewing tips and click here for part 2. Danielle Feerst OTR/L is experienced in helping individuals in all stages of their job search and is excited to meet with you and to support you on your employment journey.

Written by Madison Gies, Peer Mentor/Coach, OTDS

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