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Overcoming Fear

There comes a time when we should all take a sheet of paper out and write down our fears, all the hideous, hidden, toxic messages that are lodged in our minds on replay that tend to come to a head in times of exhaustion, self-doubt, or sickness. I found out that I currently have 35 fears that seem ridiculous on paper – so much so that I laughed really hard at my list alone in my living room! And yet, there they were – real only in my mind.

Fear is a block that prevents you from reaching your highest potential, achieving the ability to share God’s talents, special quirks, and secrets that you alone possess. This post is more than just a post about overcoming fear, it is a post in solidarity with you – to let you know you are NOT alone. The only difference is action. Take action NOW against your fear. Have a conversation about your unhappiness at work with your supervisor, make a schedule change, take a class you have never tried but always wanted to, audition for a play, learn a new skill, or start putting money aside for the trip you haven’t taken yet.

There is a special flow in the universe waiting to meet you and carry you to toward your dreams. The trick to identify the blocks in the road, rocks in the river, that keep you from a seamless ride.

“The reason for which we were created is to grow every day to more resemble, reflect, and reveal the character of the one who created us” (Wintley Phipps, as quoted in Winfrey’s The Path Made Clear, 2019).

Try these 5 steps this week to help you set aside fear:

  1. At the start of the week set the intention. Write it down in a calendar or planner so you can see it.

  2. Start the week with organization. Before Monday begins make sure you have your ducks in a row to meet your goals. If its healthy food or a check written out to pay your bill – write it out before Monday and set it aside. Clean your space and declutter your mind.

  3. Set your mind to God or the universe (whatever you believe in) to guide you. Let go of fear.

  4. On Monday, set an alarm and let your first action of the day reflect a step toward your intention. If for example it is meditation or exercise, get up early and go for the walk or sit with a cup of coffee and be alone with your thoughts, no technology. When you wake up, you are nearest to your true self – accept what thoughts arise.

  5. Open a journal and write down how Monday went – you don’t need to be a good writer. Just document the ups, downs, and things you would change.

  6. Repeat Tuesday, Weds, Thursday. On Friday  reflect – Did you feel differently this week?

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