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Random Routines are Unruly: How to fight the Covid-19 work/life snafus

Did you miss your Zoom business meeting again? How about that online yoga class? Bet you missed that today as well…

These weeks in quarantine are wreaking havoc on work-life balance! Missing a workout online or even a business meeting seems to be a common theme among peers and clients.

Working from home causes blurred boundaries between personal and professional life, reducing our personal and professional productivity.

We are left feeling lazy, unmotivated, or worse – unreliable – as we might miss a scheduled appointment, work deadline, or a call.

There are so many parents of children with special needs out there struggling to be both full time teachers, caregivers, employees, spouses, and providers, all from home without a break.

Losing track of time and managing deadlines are big consequences of the shelter-in-place mandates. But, another consequence is lack of physical and mental self-care. Depression and anxiety can result from feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and from decreased physical exercise or lack of vitamin D.

Here are some tips for managing stress, drawing boundaries, and planning your time wisely in the upcoming weeks of self-quarantine:
  1. Come up with a work schedule. Stick to it. Print it. Put it in your smartphone’s calendar.

  2. Set alarms for calls, for AM/PM routines, and fitness to help you track time.

  3. Pick a spot in the house to do work that is NOT your bedroom (in bed) – this can really blur your AM/PM routine and disrupt sleep.

  4. Communicate with your partner or family members: share your daily schedule. How can you take turns with a partner to manage household tasks or children?

  5. Set personal goals and tell your loved ones about them to hold you accountable.

  6. Are you at home alone and feeling isolated? Book a free appointment with Danielle Feerst to talk about feelings of isolation, how to cope with stress, or plans for bouncing back after job loss.

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