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for Neurodiverse
Young Adults

Career & Life

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Feeling Lost in Your Career Path?
Find Your Purpose and Thrive.

We help neurodiverse young adults navigate career choices, find fulfillment, and build meaningful connections.

Are you in your 20s or early 30s and feel like you don't fit the mold?  

Struggling to find fulfillment, social connection, or purpose in your career?

Facing challenges related to neurodivergence or navigating the post-grad transition?

We understand.

This stage of life can be full of big transitions, societal expectations, and the search for your individual calling.

What if you could discover your authentic self during this pivotal time?

We help individuals...

Navigate career paths

and discover opportunities that align with their unique strengths and values.

Heal from past trauma associated with neurodivergence in the workplace or other challenging experiences.

Build meaningful social connections

and foster a sense of belonging.

Unleash Your Potential:
The Career Accelerator Program

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Ready to...

Discover your passions and align them with a fulfilling career path?

Develop essential life skills for independence and success?

Connect with a supportive community and achieve your goals?

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Our 12-week Career Accelerator program is designed for neurodiverse young adults (in their 20s and early 30s) who are ready to thrive.

This comprehensive program equips you with the tools and support you need to:

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Identify core values, personality strengths, and ideal learning style.

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Craft a powerful personal brand and market yourself effectively.

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Optimize your educational journey, develop SMART goals and a roadmap.

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Build your network, refine negotiation skills, and communicate confidently.

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Practice independent living skills, including financial management.

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Access ongoing peer support and connect with like-minded individuals.

Working in an Office

Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in evidence-based practices, including Occupational Therapy (OT)-based coaching. This model has been shown through research to be valuable in improving the academic success of students with disabilities, and students have also reported finding it beneficial in achieving their academic and personal goals.   By integrating OT principles, we can help you develop practical strategies for success in both your personal and professional life.

Explore Faith & Meaning: We can also explore how faith can play a role in your journey.

Ready to take the first step towards your dream career?
Book a free discovery call.

Danielle Feerst

OTR/L and Founder

I am a Christian Life and Career Coach, and an Occupational Therapist, specializing in relational thinking with God as a focal point for navigating workplace, culture, and career. My clinical focus is on ASD and ADHD. I provide career coaching (individualized 1:1 and groups) and Occupational Therapy services for neurodivergent teens and young adults. My coaching program is entirely accessible digitally and referred to by the Vanderbilt Frist Center for Autism and Innovation.

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