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“This drastic experience we call the major crisis. All egocentricity leads toward it. Moreover, it should be welcomed; for through its suffering […] we move into that joy and peace which comes from releasing the Self within from the limitations of its shell into the creative, productive, courageous, loving expressions which it is capable.” ~ Fritz Kunkel, 1889, psychiatrist, and Roy Dickerson, 1886 American author.

How do you define yourself? What stops you from full expression?

I have found that I cannot fully accept any job in my search these past months that limits my expression, clothing, desire to innovate, desire to be free. I cannot accept limitations on how I should practice therapy. But, also, I feel guilty, odd still, for wanting to work outside of a system, or create my own. How can I be both a therapist, present, and someone who wants to innovate, forward-thinking and ambitious? Is ambition a downfall? I do not know who I am yet to be, I only know what I was in the past. I want to be better, to be free, of the limits of my own mind.

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